Nov 10, 2008

Bellagio Labor Day Weekend Gourmet Buffet 2008


Labor Day weekend was really busy in Las Vegas. We had RFL at Bellagio and we were planning to go to Olives, but we didn't have a reservation and it was all sold out for this day, so we changed our plans and went to this buffet. We had a line pass, so we got in about 5 minutes, but if you don't you'll have to wait a couple hours. The line was the longest I have ever seen for the Bellagio buffet. This special buffet was $39.95 a person. But I'm not sure what's different from regular buffet, maybe they had A LITTLE bit more food, but it looked almost the same.

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Bellagio buffet usually has Beef Wellington.

Sushi was AWFUL. I was so surprised they were serving this low-quality sushi, as there were so many Asians here. Rice was mashed, and octopus or something was super hard, and hijiki had no taste. All I can remember is the sushi was sucky.

Pizza and calzone

If you know where the buffet entrance is, then you can tell this line is huge.

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