Nov 20, 2008

Four Queens gift basket and Harrah's Great Gift Wrap Up 2008


Last week, we used one of our offers from Four Queens, for 3 free nights, RFB, $200 free play and a gift basket. I didn't expect to get this nice gift basket. Because this is the Four Queens, we thought it was just gonna be a Four Queens t-shirt and bag or something like that.

snacks, blanket (super soft), candle, hot cocoa, tea, massage socks

cute plates and mugs

This card shows you what you get and how much you can spend.

This photo is from Harrah's Great Gift Wrap Up. It wasn't crowded at all. Also this was at Harrah's. In the past when we went to the Great Gift Wrap Up it was always at Caesars. At Caesars, you have to walk a long way to get to the ballroom (like 10 minutes), but at Harrah's we didn't have to walk so far, just got on the elevator, and the ballroom was there. Also, check out wasn't crowded at all like Caesars.

There are the actual items on display. You take the card for the item you want, then bring it to check out, then they'll deliver to your house. This year, we didn't have many points, so we just got a Godiva gift basket.

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