Apr 13, 2009

North Carolina King's BBQ


When my husband was browsing Amazon, he found this North Carolina BBQ, so he had to order it. Because you can't get this real North Carolina BBQ in California. He ordered from King's BBQ. It arrived fast. S&H was $10 (all the prices below were what we paid in 2008).

He said the taste was real North Carolina BBQ (it should be, of course), and he loved it. Just like he used to eat when he was living in the South.
I've only seen hushpuppies in round shapes, so I thought these were unusual. I don't know what's the traditional shapes.

BBQ pork $7.50

coleslaw $4.95

hushpuppies (picture is just a few pieces, there were more) $1.50 x 2 (It's $2 now)

Hushpuppies (1 dozen)

Chopped BBQ Pork (1 lb)

Coleslaw (1 pint)


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