Aug 26, 2009

Dogzilla and Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Little Tokyo 2009


Here's the pics from Nisei Week in downtown L.A.'s Little Tokyo about 10 days ago.

Now, here's DOGZILLA, a food stand selling Japanese-style hot dogs. I kinda wanted to eat this, but we had plans to go to eat somewhere else so we didn't. BUT we saw a guy who bought this hot dog and he was taking pics of the hot dog, so we asked him if we could take a picture of his hot dog.

CLICK HERE for Dogzilla Facebook page

So here's the Yakisoba ho tdog he got. Looks like there is a wiener under the yakisoba. Does this sounds crazy to you? Because it's noodles in a hot dog bun? But you know what? This is one of the breads they've had in Japan for a long time. It's always popular at school. It's one of the basic breads sold at school in Japan. Speaking about this crazy Japanese bread, they also have croquette in a hot dog bun, also potato salad, fried chicken, pork cutlet, and more.

doing some karate

There were some different teams, and they were all dancing, like Yosakoi. If you don't know what Yosakoi is, just type on YouTube and there should be some videos.

Japanese warrior

Cosplayers - they were the most popular team.

Look all these people taking pics.

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