Aug 21, 2009

Los Angeles food truck adventure


Every first Friday of the month this summer, there's gonna be L.A. food truck in Venice Beach. So we went to Venice beach. It's always extremely difficult to find parking in this area, so it was really lucky we found street parking without keep driving around. All these food trucks were great. We finally ended up our day with happy stomach!

First, we started with Border Grill truck.

We got chicken wings (with mole sauce) $5
It was good. Even $1 a piece, I never had mole-flavored wings before, but it works.

Marked 5. They sells rice burgers. We LOVED this MARKED 5.

We got Katsu Pork and Torakku V. I believe each rice burger is about $5 and chips are $2 or so.

Katsu Pork - tender, boneless pork fried served with Marked 5 special Katsu sauce along with fresh cabbage and rice bans.

Shrimp Chips - deep fried greasy chips. My husband didn't like it so much, but it was fine by me. I kinda remember there used to be this kind of nostalgic flavor snacks in Japan.

Torakku V - pan fried tofu patty covered in Marked 5 secret Torakku sauce with fresh veggies and handmade rice buns.

I always wanted to try "rice burger" when I was still living in Japan about 15 years ago. But I never had a chance to try, and I finally got to try my rice burger, not in Japan, but here in Los Angeles!
My tofu patty burger was very tasty. I probably could eat couple more. I just loved it.

Fishlips sushi

California Set - small (California roll + temari sushi) $5.95

There were about 10 people before us waiting line. We waited about 40 minutes, then order, wait another 20 minutes until we finally received our food. I know, just 10 people, but it took us 1 hour. It was a long wait. But the food was good. They were making each order fresh. This California Set was only $5.95, it's good portion for one person. And the quality is actually better than some of the Korean-owned Americanized sushi restaurants.

Fishlips Sushi menu

Finally, we saw this Nice Cream Nielsen's Homemade Gelato & Sorbet and I decided to try it out.

1 scoop $3.50, 2 scoops $4.50, 3 scoops $5.50, 4 scoops $6.50
Toppings: $0.50 per topping

I got peach pineapple gelato. $3.50
It was YUMMY~. Very light and tasty, it was the perfect ending after all the food trucks.

Nice Cream
1410 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 396-7161

Mon-Sun.11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Border Grill:

Marked 5:

FishLips Sushi:

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