Aug 15, 2009

Our Trip to Tokyo 2000 - PART 1


Here's the pics from our trip to Tokyo back in 2000. I know, it's 9 years ago, but I didn't have a blog back then, but I do now so I decided to post the pics so I can remember.

We used Korean Air and this was the food on the airplane. It's bibimbap.

This is oden from Lawson convenience store.

This is a burger.

KFC in Tokyo.

Sushi. From department store, probably under $10.

My husband said this Tokyo department store sushi tasted better than any restaurant sushi he had ever had in Los Angeles.

McDonald's in Tokyo.

hamburger, McNuggets, pear-cranberry pie

McDonald's burger and chicken McNuggets

pastry display at Fujiya

Fujiya restaurant. I think this was inside Narita airport.

Fujiya menu

Fujiya website:

McDonald's Japan:


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