Aug 13, 2009

Peet's Coffee Freddo


Peet's Coffee recently had a free sample of their Freddo.

Here's the free sample of their Mocha Freddo. I think this was 8 oz. We also both received $1 off coupons.

So here's the Freddo's we just got using the coupons.
It was $4.05 + $0.50 + $0.50 + $3.75 - $2 = $6.80

Left: Pure Caramel Freddo (Large) $4.05 with extra bold (espresso) $0.50 and soy milk instead of regular milk $0.50.
Right: Madagascar Vanilla Freddo (Medium) $3.75

I was checking calories on their website, and the soy milk was lower calories than nonfat milk, so I got soy milk but I didn't know it costs extra 50 cents.
They were both pretty sweet. And somehow, they both tasted different first sip and third sip, then 5 minutes later... just every time tasted different.

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