Oct 13, 2009

Los Angeles Chocolate Salon, October 11, 2009


Here's pics from Chocolate Salon in Los Angeles.

These are pics from when we first got there, it was around noon and already so many people were there.

This photo size is a bit large so it might take some time to load. Everything made with chocolate.

This pic and next one is also large, so you can see more details.

Even these shoe boxes are chocolate, and yes, you can actually eat them!


Chocolate + liqueur. Sweet but delicious. They actually make each one.

It's lime. delicious.

I think it was banana walnut cake

This was my favorite place.

They had blueberry, pomegranate, etc., and I tried pomegranate, but it didn't taste like pomegranate.

Bacon chocolate! It was a very new taste, it was fine. Not greasy or anything. It has popping candy in it, so after you eat, it starts popping in your mouth.


Marshmallow. I choose s'mores. They also had lemon and vanilla. It must be good, but I tried it after so many chocolates, I felt this marshmallow was too sweet and felt sick.



White one (left) was peppermint + white chocolate raspberry. I got strawberry + orange liqueur, my husband got cappuccino.


It's wasabi!

Some leftovers from the event. chocolate, tea, candies, lip balm.


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