Dec 29, 2009

Aria - City Center Las Vegas hotel room


We received an offer from Aria for complimentary 3 nights and $100 in free play. We were so excited and of course we had to make reservations.

When we checked in, I asked if our room was close to the elevator or not, and he said it's kinda middle. Well guess what, our room was a couple rooms away from the end.

I liked the design of the room, but I also prefer my room to be more bright. Also one of the light bulbs was missing, and of course it didn't turn on the light, so our room was extra dark.

There were good things and bad things about the room.
The good things were I liked the design, the big bathtub and shower area, also there were robes and 1 pair of slippers (they added one more slippers on last day).

The bad things were because they tried to make everything too cool, I couldn't figure out which lights buttons were for which things. Also there are two sinks which is great, but they were too tiny, also both sinks didn't run any hot water, also water splashes a lot and big mess. Also toilet is located behind a see-thru door as you can see. Like I said, I can see they are trying to make it cool, but I want a little more privacy for toilet. And finally, we both didn't like the fuzzy white things on the towels and carpet. The carpet was so dirty the whole time during our stay. Also every time I used towels, I got these fuzzy things all over me.

This was pretty cool. You can change the temperature, change TV channels, turn on/off the lights, curtains, set the clock, and see the room and outside temperatures.

They had so many TV channels, and it was all in HD.

View from the room. Window was extremely dirty. But you can't see it at night.

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