Dec 9, 2009

Beau Monde and Chipotle Chili challenge


I recently received these spices, and I wasn't sure what I was gonna make so I made these.

Beau Monde has a strong celery smell. Ingredients: salt, dextrose, onion, celery seed, and silicon dioxide.

I made bacon-wrapped shrimp, some with Chipotle Chili spice, and some with Beau Monde spice.

All you need is:
lard, bacon, shrimp, and spices.

Before I started cooking, I cleaned the shrimp with cornstarch and sake to remove some fishy smells. Then I heated a cast iron skillet. Once skillet is heated, add the lard. Meanwhile, I seasoned shrimps with spices (Beau Monde and Chipotle Chili), then wrapped with bacon. Just don't season with too much Chipotle Chili, or it's gonna be too spicy. Cook until done.

This is potato tacos. Basically, we had leftover (cooked) potatoes and corn tortillas. All you do is cut potatoes, season with Chipotle Chili, place potatoes and a little bit cheese on tortillas, and cook in skillet until cheese is melted. That's it.

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