Dec 19, 2009

Kogi Korean BBQ food truck


I've been wanting to try this Kogi BBQ for a long time, and I finally did. It's the most popular food truck in Los Angeles. Usually you have to wait in line for hours, but we were lucky that we didn't have to. They sell Korean flavor tacos and burritos. Both were really flavorful. Also they look like small portions, but they were pretty filling. If you are eating their tacos outside, make sure you have wipes, it's pretty messy.

Short-rib burrito, $5

Kogi tacos (1 spicy pork, 1 tofu, 2 Korean short ribs) $2 each

Our favorite was the spicy pork. Very tasty and we loved it. Short ribs are fine, tofu was ok, but I wish the tofu had more flavor.

Rating (food): 4.5 / 5
Rating (service): N/A

Repeat: Yes

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