Feb 2, 2010

Caesars Palace - Serendipity 3


Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace. This was in December 2009, and around 1pm. I was a little worried it was gonna be crowded, because I read reviews and some people said they had to wait for an hour. But luckily, there were 1 or 2 tables open, and we didn't have to wait to get seated. Although it was pretty crowded. By the time we were leaving, there was a line.

To me, everything was a little pricey, but the portions are big. Most people seem to be ordering burgers and sundaes. Almost nobody was ordering pizza, salads, omelet or soups.

I love the decor in this restaurant. Very cute.

They've got a huge menu! We were looking at the menu for 15 minutes. Hard to decide.

Foot-long hot dog
Served on a toasted homemade bun with choice of waffle fries or sweet potato fries

It was long. Like double length of a regular hot dog. Also probably the most expensive hot dog I ever had. But at the same time, it was one of the tastiest hot dogs I ever had. I just loved it. This homemade bun had a rich buttery flavor. I couldn't get enough. We shared this time, but next time, I'm gonna eat it all by myself!

sweet potato fries

Can't Say No sundae
Humble pie, vanilla ice cream, coffee ice cream, banana, peanuts, hot fudge, topped with whipped cream

Sure you can't say no. Although, it was a little too rich for me. I'm the person who's not so crazy about fudge or whipped cream. Yes, this sundae looks great, but my brain kept telling me "high calorie, don't eat too much".

Big mess. Yes, I know.

This was in December, so there are Christmas trees.


Rating (food): 4.5 / 5
Rating (service):
3.5 / 5

Mon-Thu 11am-11pm

Fri 11am-12am

Sat 10:30am-12am

Sun 10:30am-11pm

Brunch Saturday & Sunday 9am-2pm

Grab N Go Breakfast 7am-10:30am

(877) 346-4642



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