Apr 27, 2010

Fast food in Japan: KFC - Starbucks - Small Market @ Deli


I was gonna get KFC Japan's chicken sandwich that only available limited time, but it was sold out, so I just decided to get their "twister".

decor inside KFC Japan

menu. I wish all the fast food places in the U.S. has a menu sheet like Japan.

Twister 300yen (about USD$3)

It was basically a piece of chicken and lettuce wrapped in tortilla. The menu also says comes with mayonnaise and picante salsa, but I don't remember seeing it. Chicken was very good. Crispy outside, juicy inside. I was the only customer there, but I had to wait for them to deep fry my chicken. Hot and fresh!

KFC イオンモール高知店


Small Market @ Deli, located inside aeon mall, Kochi, Japan


Taco rice bowl 520yen (about USD$5)
lettuce, cherry tomato, ground beef, cheese, rice

Royal Strawberry Pearl (boba) Tea 390 yen (about USD$4)

Small Market@DELI イオン高知SC店

Here's the Honey Orange frappuccino, it was available limited time only at Starbucks Japan.
Believe or not, there are only total 3 Starbucks in Kochi, Japan.

I was just checking their website and they have new blueberry cream frappuccino that looks sooo good.

Starbucks Honey Orange frappuccino (Grande) 530 yen (around USD$5)


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