Apr 27, 2010

Fast food in Japan - McDonald's and Mister Donut


Here's the food from McDonald's in Japan.

fries, teriyaki burger, shaka shaka chicken, and bacon potato pie.

Teriyaki Mcburger 270yen (about USD $3)

It's quite tasty.

Shaka Shaka Chicken 100yen (about USD $1)
This is before I shake it. You shake chicken in a bag to coat chicken with powder. Your choice of cheese, lemon or black pepper flavor.

Bacon potato pie 120yen

tastes like Japanese cream stew. pretty good.

Next is Mister Donut. I've been wanted to eat for last 10 years. I was here when they were having sale. Most donuts were 100yen (about USD$1). There were not so many donuts left.

100 yen each (USD $1), except Mont Blanc.

cute box

Flower Mont Blanc 147yen (about USD $1.5)

Coconut chocolate. You don't like coconuts? Well, try this donut. You're gonna like it. This coconut is not so sweet like the ones you get in America.

peanuts butter inside pon de ring kinako
It's chewy and I just like the texture.



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