Apr 30, 2010

Fish Tail Seafood Market & Grill - Valencia, CA (2)


This was the second time eating at Fish Tail Grill in Valencia. This was back in February. I liked food here so much, so I decided to try some new items. So I got Mahi Mahi as a plate, and seabass as a sandwich. You can order your fish as sandwich, bowl, or plate.

CLICK HERE for pics from my first time visit.

Mahi Mahi plate $14.95

fish, grilled vegetables, corn, and rice

Now, the taste was very good, yes, everything was delicious. They actually grill it after you placed your order. BUT this tiny piece of fish and corn and rice and salad costs $15!? That's waaaay toooo much!

salad, comes with Mahi Mahi, with Asian dressing

Chilean Seabass sandwich $9.95

It comes with Asian coleslaw

The fish was very thin and tiny, but again, my sandwich was delicious. And this place use real fish (No fake fish like some other places).

Rating (food): 4.2 / 5
Rating (service):

Fish Tail Seafood Market & Grill
28104 Newhall Ranch Rd
Santa Clarita,CA 91355
(661) 295-3474

Mon-Sun.11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.



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