Apr 20, 2010

JAL airline airplane food 2010


Here's all the JAL airplane food I had. 2 meals on one way, total 4 meals. I think from L.A. to Japan was about 12 hours, but from Japan to L.A. was about 9 hours.

This is my first meal from L.A. to Tokyo. The stewardess said they only have fish, so I had no choice. This was right after I saw the movie "airplane", I didn't wanna eat fish meal, but I was fine. Taste was good.

udon noodles, comes with soup

bread, potato salad, salmon, spinach

fish and linguine

Blueberry financier from Woodman's Cake, Tokyo Kagurazaka

This is my second meal.
Again, I had no choice. Pasta with lots of cheese, salad, fruits, and tea


Amandine pound cake

Here is my first meal from Tokyo to L.A.


I chose seafood curry. Taste was good.

big pieces of seafood, but needs little more sauce.

karaage (fried chicken), shrimp, egg salad

salad and pound cake

And the second meal from Tokyo to L.A.

french toast, Japanese sausage, scrambled eggs, fruits, crackers, cheese, and yogurt.

Everything tasted good.

And I liked this yogurt, too.

JAL was great. I never got bored. You can play all these games, and they also have about 50 different movies. I watched Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Up in the air, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, and... I can't remember.


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