Apr 20, 2010

Narita Airport - Asian Cafe Bowl Bowl and Excelsior Cafe


Asian cafe bowl bowl at Narita airport, terminal 2. They have mostly curry and noodles. I ordered their limited time only menu, seafood roe fish bowl. It was really expensive. I wanted to eat somewhere else, but there were only one or two other places to choose from.

Seafood Roe fish bowl 1280yen (around $13)

Food was okay, I mean, I'm not expecting to get quality food at the airport.

I have no idea what this is. Maybe pickles?

miso soup

Asian cafe bowl bowl
Narita airport terminal 2


After I had a lunch at Asian cafe bowl bowl, I went to Excelsior Cafe to have a coffee. I ordered maple latte and it was good.

Maple latte 400yen (about $4)

Excelsior Cafe
Narita airport terminal 2


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