Jul 7, 2010

Food I ate in Japan


Here's the pics of food I ate while I was in Japan.

Iron chef Rokusaburo Michiba's instant soup

Miso Ghana chocolate ramen
It's fine, but I don't have to have chocolate in my ramen.

yakisoba and tonjiru soup

katsuo rice omusubi, instant soup, 50% off sushi rolls, Iron chef Rokusaburo Michiba's instant soup

cup noodle and instant eggplant miso soup

My parents received these fresh bamboo shoots from a person who owns mountain and he picked some bamboo shoots from his own mountain. That's pretty cool. They are expensive if you buy it.

Takikomi gohan omusubi (top right) using bamboo shoots, and seafood

Another bamboo shoots food (top left), snapper (top right), soba (bottom left)
I wish I took picture of snapper. I think it was a same guy who owns mountain, he caught big fresh snapper and brought us.

instant ramen and miso soup

healthy mozuku soup. only 12 kcal!

yakisoba and harusame soup

too much fish? Katsuo no tataki, battera sushi, fishcake, salad

Mapo tofu, jyako, oden


more bento

onigiri (rice) and potstickers are store bought.

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