Jul 4, 2010

Pics from Tokyo subway and airport in Japan


More pics from my trip to Japan.

In Tokyo

Santouka ramen, UNIQLO, Happy meal toy at McDonald's, bakery

Subway station

bakery, I think it was at Shinjuku subway station

bought bread at Nippori subway station. One of them had bamboo shoots and ground chicken or something in it. very unique, but it was good.

flan from Ecute at Nippori subway station, Tokyo

I bought black sesame and chocolate, 330 yen each (about u.s. $3.5 each)
I wish I got like green tea and vanilla, I wasn't crazy about black sesame.

Haneda airport
bakery and illy cafe (top) and bathroom at the airport (bottom)

black shumai (10pcs) 1050yen

Black shumai!? I had to buy it. yes, it was really black. Maybe because I microwaved it, it wasn't that good. Just expensive and unusual, that's all.

Japan limited Kit Kat
strawberry milk with rilakkuma package(left) and sweet potato (right), and Hello Kitty cookies

Hello Kitty (as steamed bun) Yokohama Chinatown limited strap 525yen

にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ ロサンゼルス情報へ


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