Dec 4, 2010

Antique Cafe - Koreatown


After I went to Zion supermarket (at City Center, W 6th st) with my friend, we were looking for some cafe to sit down and have some chat. It was already after midnight but I remember, most cafe in Koreatown open until 4am on the weekends, and this is one of the place.

This little mall was filled with nice, expensive cars.

We sat down outside, because there were no seats open inside. But our server brought us blanket. That was very nice.

press the button when you are ready to order or need the server.


Everything is overpriced, but this is the average price at cafe in Koreatown.

I think hookah is $20

sweet potato latte $5.95

shuffle waffle $7.95

I felt like I was eating frozn pre made waffle. My friend had a bite, and she didn't eat after that.
But ice cream, fruits and whipped cream was very good.

Rating (food): 3 / 5
Rating (service): 4 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Antique Cafe
3465 W 6th St. Ste 160
Los Angeles, CA 90020

(213) 383-4994

open until 2am weekdays, till 4 am weekends

Parking: Valet ($2 with validation)

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