Jan 30, 2011

El Flamin' Taco food truck - Koreatown


It was around 2am last night, and there were lots of people waiting in line and eating at this parking lot in Koreatown (across from the new Galleria market on 5th st ).
Now, this is not just a typical food truck. They make handmade tortilla, and they are cooking this huge pork on skewers. Also there are salsa bar so that you can add more salsa toppings to your food, and tables and chairs, so you can sit down and eat there.

How was the food? Everybody loved their food.


My Torta with beef (no cheese and sour cream) $5.50
My Torta was ready in 3 minutes, and big portion.


El Flamin' Taco truck
5th & Vermont
Los Angeles, CA 90020



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