Mar 7, 2011

The Gold Standard 2011


March 6, 2011, I was here, at Petersen Auto Museum for The Gold Standard 2011. We arrived here little before 12:30pm, and the parking was already full so we had to find the street parking. We got in as VIP and we didn't have to wait in line at all. That was lucky.
They had a whole area for wines and beers, but we skipped that. We got here so hungry and we left here so full, my stomach was happy.

My favorites are from Mo-Chica, Maison Giraud, Providence, Mayura and Jones coffee.

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Loteria Grill
Beef tongue tacos, Mini crab tostaditas, corn esquites
I personally liked crab tostaditas and corn esquites a lot. They were tasty. They also had pink cactus drink that was really good.

Susan Feniger's STREET (yes, Susan Feniger was there)
Vietnamese crepes - coconut and mung bean crepe filled with pickled daikon, long beans, carrot, bean sprouts, peanuts.
I wish they had their famous kaya toast instead..

Mozza - I think it was mozzarella with roasted cherry tomatoes. Since I can't eat cheese, I only ate roasted tomatoes. It wasted like tomato juice.

chicken skewers, oysters
They were both delicious. Chicken was spicy (and yes, I like spicy)

Drago Centro
Foie gras panna cotta, duck confit & beet crouton

Pork rillettes with pickled onions

Waterloo & City
Chicken liver foie gras mousse

The Slaw Dog
Spring fling holy roller

Starry Kitchen
chicken curry, tofu balls

There were cheese too

I think this is shoyu ramen. When I came back later for more ramen, it was tonkotsu ramen.

chinese pork croissant

Butter chicken, Aloo palak, Garlic naan, Appam, and mango drink
I like food from this place and I really liked mango drink. I had 3 cups.

La Casita Mexicana
I tried their flan and Agua Fresca de Pina con nopales and both good


Jones Coffee RoastersYour choice of latter or macchiato. I had both. Maybe this place was my favorite of all, otherwise I'm not gonna have three cups.. or I just love coffee drinks..


heart coffee artwork

Whipped Brie Honey balsamic gazpacho frisee

Chichen Itza
Red snapper ceviche, Tripe soup, Banana-leaf braised pork.I tried tripe soup and I didn't like tripe. It was chewy.

Jonathan Gold and Chef Ludo's wife


Upstairs 2
kurobuta pork, beet risotto,crispy leeks


Chicken curry & marinated beef

Earlez Grill

Banana pudding, french fries, turkey hot dog, burger. Their regular french fries were salty but tasty, their sweet potato fries were really good. The hot dog bun was dry and wasn't so good.

Park's BBQ
rice and beef. I liked it, beef was tasty.

The Manila machine
Pork belly and pineapple adobo

El Huarache Azteca

The foundry
Grilled cheese sandwich. I really wanted to try one, but I can't eat cheese. Oh well, too bad.

A frame frikake kettle corn was tasty

Meals by Genet. Ethiopian food. I never had Ethiopian food before, but it was good.

Guelaguetza and Eternal Water

Roasted pork with sundried tomatoes

Maison Giraud
Ham and cheese croissant, Almond & vanilla Blanc-Manger, blood orange gelee
croissant was too buttery for me, but I really liked orange gelee.

Father's office
stout braised ribs with orange glaze
I wish they had their burgers. I tried ribs, it was so soft, melting your mouth, but it was too fatty for me, and I just didn't like it.

Little Dom's ice cream
Eva bolognese
Chichen Itza red snapper ceviche

Scallop Tartare, Compressed pineapple and curry petit four.Pineapple and curry petit four was one of my favorite. That little tiny cubes had so much flavor, really refreshed my mouth.

Desserts from Nickel Dinersome chocolate peanut butter cupcake, donuts with custard cream, layered cake

Cool cars at Petersen Auto Museum

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