Mar 23, 2011

Hwa Sun Ji - Koreatown


This place is AWESOME. If you want the place somewhere very relaxing, with good tea and good service, this is the place for you. Love the Asian theme decor, love my rose tea, and Jun Tong Mo Deum (Korean traditional tea snacks).


I think this is Woo Jun green tea $6.99

Jun Tong Mo Deum $5.99
Traditional Korean tea snacks, goes well with tea.

Rose tea $5.5
My rose tea was served in a very small clear pot and cup, but the lady left hot water on the table so I can keep pouring for more. But not only that, when I wanted to drink more, she changed my rose tea leaves to the new one, and poured more hot water. Wow. she's such a nice lady. I like coffee better than tea, but I don't mind coming here every other day.

Rating (food): 5 / 5
Rating (service): 5 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Hwa Sun Ji
3960 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 100
Los Angeles, CA 90010

(213) 382-5302

Mon-Sat 12 pm - 12 am
Sun 12 pm - 11 pm

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