Apr 3, 2011

Bagelworks cafe - Koreatown


I saw so many good reviews about this tiny bagel shop, but I never could find this place and I finally found it. It's located next to Jamba Juice on Wilshire/Western.
Their coffee and bagels are only $1, and the bagels are good.
I came here twice, because they didn't have any bagels left on my first visit, and they had some bagels left on my second visit. But I really didn't have choice. They only had raisin, garlic, and maybe plain bagels.


Around 4pm.

$1 coffee

Raisin bagel with cream cheese $2.40

The cashier person (Korean lady) was just keep talking in Korean, so I really didn't understand at all, but anyway, she asked me "raisin ok?" so I said, "yes". Then she grabbed my bagel, went to toast my bagel, and spread cream cheese on my bagel. Of course I had no idea what was she doing to my bagel and why it is taking so long, until I get home. And she said "$2.40". I was like.. what? $2.40 for one bagel?? I was like..okay, well, she gave me one free, so I just gonna pay. Then I left, got home, opened my bagel, and I see cream cheese. I checked my picture of the menu, it says $2.4 for bagel with cream cheese. Ok, now I understand. But I didn't ask her to put any cream cheese. In fact, I don't like cream cheese, so I took off cream cheese. That was waste. Still, their toasted bagel was very good.

This is the garlic bagel she gave me for free.

Bagelworks cafe
3800 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

(310) 979-8680


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