May 25, 2012

Lobsta, White Rabbit, and Temaki food truck


Food trucks at DTLA artwalk, back in 2011. I'm not sure if prices and menus are still the same or not.

Lobsta Roll $12 from Lobstatruck.

Yes, it's lobster. But also this is food truck. To me, $12 for a roll is way too much even that's lobster. It's good but not for $12.


Lobsta Truck on Urbanspoon

This is Temaki truck

Temaki maki $6 and Flamin yellowtail temaki $5
Again, it's good but it's cheaper if I just get temaki sushi at sushi restaurants.
See how much food you can get at Kula kaiten sushi.


White Rabbit truck

Red velvet flan $4

I'm guessing this is Pork Tocino but not sure.


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