May 6, 2012

olvera street cinco de mayo 2012


I wasn't planning to go to Olvera street but my co-worker told me, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, so I decided to stop by. Also I didn't have enough cash because I wasn't planning to go here, so I couldn't buy anything.
Yes, there were way too many people. I couldn't get to the store I wanted to go because of the crowd, so I only stayed there like 20 minutes, then left. I wanted to get Churros from Churros Rellenos, but I didn't wanna wait in line.I think it's $3 each.

And I think so many people were waiting in line for this. Yeah, it smelled good.

After Olvera street,  I decided to walk to Chinatown. And I saw this street vendor in Chinatown, so I got one for $1.75. The lady who was selling this was really bitchy to me so even there were some other things I wanted to try, I don't think I'm going back. Although I did like whatever I got.

It's oily, fried dough with shrimp and green onions.


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