May 23, 2012

Waffles de liege and Chunk-n-Chip Cookies food trucks


Here's the yummy food truck pics from Downtown Artwalk back in 2011. Both Chunk n Chip cookies, and Waffles de liege were delicious, but I REALLY enjoyed waffles de liege.

Berried in Chocolate $4.75
chocolate brownie / chocolate raspberry truffle

Of course it was yummy but also it was too chocolatey for me. I like chocolate but not too much.


 Chunk-n-Chip (Mobile Food Truck) on Urbanspoon

With Fosselman's taro ice cream. Waffle $4.50 + ice cream $2.50
Oh boy..they were SOOOO good! $7 seems to be little overpriced for me, but their waffles and Fosselman's ice cream together = yumminess.


 Waffles de Liege (food truck) on Urbanspoon

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