Aug 27, 2012

Coolhaus fried chicken and waffles ice cream sandwich


Well, it's been really hot in L.A. and I saw Coolhaus truck! How can I say "no" to it!? I haven't had their sammies for so long. I saw the menu, I saw something I want, so I waited in line about 5 minutes, and I got my sammie! I couldn't decide between vegan carrot cake cookie and hotcake. I got hotcake but why didn't I get both? Damn.. And for the ice cream, I also couldn't make my mind between "chicken and waffles" and "beer and pretzel". I sampled both. Still wasn't sure because I liked both. Well, I got chicken and waffles because I thought that's more interesting.

CLICK HERE for pics from 2010

hotcake cookie + fried chicken and waffles ice cream with edible wrapper $5
candied fried chicken & fried chicken caramel in brown butter ice cream

Yeah.. that's right. I got fried chicken and waffles ice cream! Yummy

Here's more pics from 2011.
Red velvet ice cream sammie

Guinnell chip ice cream sammie

Back in Aug, 2011

I think this is key lime ice cream sammie

Coolhaus (food truck) on Urbanspoon

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