Aug 30, 2012

Boba 7 - Downtown, L.A.

New hidden boba place in Downtown! It's located inside Soi 7. Just walk in, keep going straight back.
They have yelp check-in special, it's $1 off. Sweet.

I like this place because they have some unique boba drinks such as alcoholic boba drink, horchata with honey boba, and green apple green tea.Yogurt soju and boba? I never thought about it. I've gotta try that.


Horchata with honey boba $4 and taro mochi bun $1.50. I used $1 off so the total was $4.50.

Taro mochi bun is from flour + tea in Pasadena. Flour + Tea is one of the place I've been wanting to go since their opening day, but I never got a chance to go but now, I can get in DTLA!

Boba 7
518 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 538-8022

Tue-Wed 2 pm - 8 pm
Thu-Sat 2 pm - 10 pm

Aug 27, 2012

Coolhaus fried chicken and waffles ice cream sandwich

Well, it's been really hot in L.A. and I saw Coolhaus truck! How can I say "no" to it!? I haven't had their sammies for so long. I saw the menu, I saw something I want, so I waited in line about 5 minutes, and I got my sammie! I couldn't decide between vegan carrot cake cookie and hotcake. I got hotcake but why didn't I get both? Damn.. And for the ice cream, I also couldn't make my mind between "chicken and waffles" and "beer and pretzel". I sampled both. Still wasn't sure because I liked both. Well, I got chicken and waffles because I thought that's more interesting.

CLICK HERE for pics from 2010

hotcake cookie + fried chicken and waffles ice cream with edible wrapper $5
candied fried chicken & fried chicken caramel in brown butter ice cream

Yeah.. that's right. I got fried chicken and waffles ice cream! Yummy

Here's more pics from 2011.
Red velvet ice cream sammie

Guinnell chip ice cream sammie

Back in Aug, 2011

I think this is key lime ice cream sammie

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Eggless oats, cornmeal & apple raisin scones

Healthy, easy, delicious homemade scone.

Recipe adapted from Priya's Versatile Recipes

Eggless Oats, Cornmeal & Apple Raisin Scones

1 1/2 cups quick cooking oats
1/2cup cornmeal
1/2cup all purpose flour
1tsp baking powder
1/2tsp baking soda
1/4cup sugar
1/4cup raisins/figs
1/2cup applesauce
3 Tbsp canola oil

Mix together quick cooking oats, cornmeal, all purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, apple sauce, canola oil and raisins and turn everything as dough....Dust the dough with few spoons of all purpose flour..roll the dough with a rolling pin as a thick disc..with a knife cut the disc into 8 wedges..

Transfer the wedges to a baking sheet,leave atleast few space between the scones, meanwhile preheat the oven to 350F..brush the tops of the scones with canola oil...bake them for 20 minutes or until they get slightly browned...

Let them cool..serve them with coffee r tea..simply with any spreads..

Aug 24, 2012

Caffe Bene - Koreatown

Yay! Another new cafe in Koreatown. I like the ambiance of the cafe. I was hoping they had more desserts but all they have is overpriced waffles, thick toast, and some cakes.Although I do wanna try Fig jam & almond waffle next time.

I was looking at the menu and I really wanted to try Misugaru frappe because it look so yummy in the picture, so I ordered Cranberry Almond frappe. In the picture of the frappes, there are almonds and cranberries on top of the frappe but I guess that was just for the advertisement, since my frappe didn't have it. I was fooled by the picture.

Also I know it's so hard to find the parking in Koreatown.Yeah, it's almost impossible to find street parking or free parking. Well, just don't tell anyone, (whispering) just park at the CGV cinema. It's free.

Cranberry Almond Misugaru frappe (S) $4.95 and smoothie and ice cream

Strawberry & cream waffle $5.95

Caramel banana waffle $5.95

Banana pastry $1.60 from Paris Baguette
I didn't see anything I wanted at the moment, so I went to Paris Baguette next door, and I got this pastry. It was delicious and cheap.

Rating : 3.4 / 5
Service: 3 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Caffe Bene
611 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Aug 22, 2012

Ice Up Shaved Ice - Koreatown

New shaved ice place opened in Koreatown. Although I don't come here for shaved ice. I come here for their "Valencia". It's yummy and cheap ice cream sammy.

For Harmony Ice, Valencia, and Ice puff, you pick the flavor, then you pick ice cream, then choose up to 3 toppings. You make your own combination so you can always try somethings new. I was here again today, I was gonna try Harmony Ice or Ice Puff because I wanted to try, but I ended up eating Valencia.. again.


These are for Harmony Ice.

And they are for Valencia. It look like cookie but it's more like spongy meringue or something. It's sticky and soft. Some of you may not like it.

Blueberry Valencia with green tea ice cream + 3 toppings: mochi, red bean, cheesecake $2.50

Green tea Valencia with coffee ice cream + 3 toppings: red bean, mochi, mango $2.50

Rating : 3.8 / 5
Service: 3.5 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Ice Up Shaved Ice
703 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Aug 15, 2012

Ink Sack - West Hollywood

Aug 9,2012, Ink Sack had their 1 year anniversary and they were giving away free cold fried chicken sandwich with purchase. When I got here, there were only one other customer. Lucky me, I didn't have to wait in line at all.


Cold fried chicken (left) $4 and The Jose Andres, aka " The Spanish godfather" $6

Cold fried chicken sandwich with no cheese. I really loved this tasty sandwich. It was basically like chicken katsu (cutlet) sandwich.

The Jose Andres, aka " The Spanish godfather"

The sandwich was different from what I thought. I thought it's gonna be chorizo sausage (like sausage, not sliced deli meat) and serrano ham. Well, the sandwich was good, but not really what I wanted. I wish I got tuna sandwich instead..

Well, I had to do this because I've read many people talking how their sandwiches are small.

Rating : 3.8 / 5
Service: 4 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Ink Sack
8360 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90069

(323) 655-7225

Mon-Sun 11 am - 8 pm

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