Mar 6, 2013

Taste the TASTE - FIGat7th and Los Angeles Magazine


I attended Taste the TASTE event in Downtown. This event was absolutely free with RSVP. Isn't that awesome? Of course some of the places offers only 1 plate / item per person but still, we were very full. We also got 3 tickets for drinks but only used one. Oh well.

There were City Tavern, Juicy Lucy (when I got there, they were already closed) Loteria Grill, Indus by Saffron, Sprinkles, The Melt, Flying Pig, Oleego by Parks BBQ, Mendocino Farms, Georges Greek Grill.

Your choice of cupcake by Sprinkles. Our choice was cinnamon, strawberry, choco/marshmallow.

From the Melt. It was SO GOOD. Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and cheese inside.

Grilled cheese sandwich from The Melt

Delicious drink from Loteria Grill

tacos from Loteria Grill

Flying Pig

City Tavern

Georges Greek Grill.

Delicious chicken curry  from Indus by Saffron

Sandwiches from Mendocino Farms. The place I wanted to try the most, and most disappointed food of the day. Bread was dry and hard, I only ate inside.

Oleego by Parks BBQ. No wonder why they were delicious because Parks BBQ is absolutely the best BBQ in Koreatown.

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