Jun 9, 2013

Baco Mercat - Downtown


Ok, it was also almost a year ago,I came here for lunch. I was very excited to come here because of the many positive reviews. However, I was really disappointed. Maybe my choice was bad? But I didn't like the food.

menu June 2012


I think it was "ajo verde supreme" flatbread $14
spring green garlic,cilantro,chorizo leon with easy cheese

I think this was Confit Japanese tomato $10
oregano, hon shimeji, buratta

dessert menu
I checked website and their menu has been changed.

Strawberry-marshmallow crumble with vanilla semifreddo $12

We got the one just came out from the oven. It was big portion, just like old fashioned cobbler, delicious. But I didn't see or taste marshmallow.

Rating: 2.8 / 5 
3.6 / 5

Baco Mercat
408 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

(213) 687-8808

Monday - Thursday 11:30 - 2:30 / 5:30pm - 11pm
Friday - Saturday 11:30 - 3pm / 5:30pm - midnight
Sunday 11:30 - 3pm / 5pm -10pm



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