Oct 20, 2013

Taste of Italy 2013


I went to Taste of Italy last week. I received general admission, which including 6 food tickets and 4 drink tickets. Usually this type of food events are all you can eat and drink but this event wasn't so I had to choose which food I want, and it was really tough for me because I just wanted to try everything!

Drago Centro and Ferrarini Deli were the popular places. And I wish I got the food from Cafe Firenze because I have cookbook!

Since I'm not a wine / alcohol person,  I wish there were more coffee venders. I had 4 drink tickets and I used 3 tickets for coffee. Still, I enjoyed the event. I was very full when I was leaving.

CLICK HERE for more pics from Taste of Italy 2013

demonstration for making mozzarella

Wood fired oven

I didn't realize there were more food inside this building...

They are available online. I sampled everything. I really liked melon flavors.

Here's my tickets

Gelato sandwich with panna cotta gelato from Eatalian cafe in Gardena

From Aventine. I've eaten at Aventine and I love this place.

Verace pizza

Sandwich from Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills

I got three coffees from Pasquini Espress co. From clockwise: latte, cappuccino, americano. I couldn't tell the difference between cafe and latte. When I saw my latte, it looked like cappuccino.

Pasta from Toscanova at Westfiled Century City

I thought I should have at least one alcohol so I told the bartender to make something for me and he made this. Even I said easy alcohol, I saw him pouring alcohol like half way.. I think it was vodka and orange juice.

Maestro's smoked Italian sausage sandwich



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