Oct 18, 2013

The worst experience ever at Colori At Figueroa


One of the worst experience I've ever had. AWFUL poor service. There were only 3-4 people working during lunch time. One buss, one bartender and two waiters, maybe. Our waiter was douche. Well, read below.

We called to ask where the parking is. I was on hold for about 4 minutes and still no one was trying to talk so I just hanged up. We figured out ourself anyway. Totally wasted my 4 minutes and my phone battery. Parking was $2 with validation.

Once we were arrived, we were seated right away but we were sitting at the table for 20 minutes.

The food was ok. I don't mind going back for the food, but I won't because our waiter was such an asshole. Also the yelp page says this location is closed now but their website doesn't say anything so I don't know if this place is still in the business or not.

So the reason I came here was because I had $25 gift card, also Colori at Fig tweeted me several times and recently they tweeted me saying: "LUNCH/DINNER SPECIAL: 2 for 1 Pasta - Buy 1 Pasta at reg price & 2 drinks, get the 2nd pasta Free! (max value $15) exp. 8.24" as shown below.

We told our waiter, we have gift certificate. We also wanna do buy 1 get 1 free lunch special. He said OK!  So we each ordered lunch combo ($12 each) , also 2 drinks ($4.25) and tiramisu ($6). Our total should be little under $25.

We both ordered lunch combo. I got meatball pasta with soup $12 and my friend ordered Penne pomodoro with salad $12.



We wanted to get more bread so we asked for more, but we had to ask 3 times (to different people) to get more bread and when finally brought us, my friend was already finished eating her pasta. We really wanted to get our bread with our pasta.

Penne pomodoro 

espresso macchiato$2

meatball pasta

tiramisu $6

When we were ready to pay, our bill says we are $8 over. well, they didn't apply BOGO deal. So we asked our waiter. He said "well, you gave me $25 coupon, so I gave you $25 discount. You have to have coupon for BOGO deal. You can't use two coupons at the same time" or something like that. So we said: "well, you didn't tell us we have to have coupon for BOGO deal. Also $25 is not a coupon, it's a gift certificate". Our waiter said: 'I don't have to tell you! You need coupon from Ralphs. We only do this deal with coupon, we never do without coupon." and he walked away.. ---and this same conversation continues for a while.. So I showed my twitter message from Colori at Fig for my BOGO Deal message. Our waiter said "well, this is @vegasandfood (which is my twitter handle name) and that's not us. You can't use someone else's tweet or facebook thing!" and he walked away. Ha! Are you serious? He's such an idiot. Yeah, we know that "vegasandfood" is NOT you! that's me! I got really pissed off so I showed my tweet again and told him "it doesn't say ANYWHERE that you need coupon for the offer." Well, he still keep saying "no, you need a coupon!". So I showed him tweet again and told him the same thing again. We did this stupid same conversation for 3-4 times and he just walked way again. 20-30 min later, he came back and asked us if our check is ready. We said no. Because I know I'm right and our meal should be free with my gift certificate. We really wanted to talk with manager, so I asked for manager but he said "she's not here today, she's out of town". Okay.. so we showed him our tweet again and explain again. He took away my phone and showed twitter message to other worker and he came back saying "ok, it's all free." We left here very angry. I understand you were very busy and tired but you never should act like this to your customers. What do you mean you don't have to tell you that you need coupon to use BOGO deal? Of course you SHOULD tell to your customers. So unprofessional.

Here's my $25 gift card I received from Utopia by US lighthouse.

And a week after I posted my review on yelp, I received this really rude message from our waiter.
Two weeks after I posted my review, the yelp said the business is closed now. Trust me, you never wanna eat here. 

I had to laugh because our waiter was trying to write as a one of the customer who was happened to be there and knows every single details.

Rating (food): 3 / 5
Service: 0 / 5
Repeat: No

Colori At Figueroa
800 S Figueroa St Ste 103
Los Angeles, CA 90017

 (213) 489-2200



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