Apr 27, 2014

Ktown night market 2014


I went to Ktown night market both 2 days. It was crowded. People waiting in line to get in, and waiting to get the food.

Check my facebook for the complete 36 photos.

This was first day. They supposed to open at 4pm, I got there at 4:15pm and there were line. They were behind and they didn't let us get in until 5pm.

The longest line was this, the original ramen burger. Since I didn't wanna wait in line for more than 10 minutes, I didn't get it. But the very last day, when I was passing by, they said 90 minutes wait. crazy.

I got pumpkin mochi $2.5 and Yakshik $2
Yakshik was sweet. It's sticky rice, jujube essence, jujube,chestnut, pine nuts, soy sauce, brown sugar, honey.

Bacon churro $3. wasn't that good. You really can't taste bacon and inside tasted undercooked. I went back on the second day to get green tea churro but they raised the price from $3 to $5 so I didn't get it.

Mattou Seimen black ramen $7

This is from Papparich. I got the bun and skewers for $5 (always ask for discount!). Good deal and they were super friendly!

Pistachio cupcake $2 from Polkatots cupcakes

And thanks to Ktown Night Market, I won these!


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