Mar 6, 2015

Blupure ecofriendly 13 stage countertop water filter


I live in Los Angeles and yes, you do seriously need to have water filter or you can't drink water. The water isn't clear. Sometimes my apartment building does maintenance and right after maintenance, I see brown water coming out. So I'm really glad to have this countertop water filter.

Countertop water filter for chlorine, lead, mercury, fluoride, chloramine, bacteria, sulfide, and radiation.
Eliminates all odor and taste and makes your water more pleasant to drink.

Blupure ecofriendly 13 stage countertop water filter is very easy to install. Comes pre-installed with a filter cartridge, for your convenience
The filtration process involves 13 stages to ensure that all those harmful chemicals are removed
Readily hooks up to a tap for convenient use.Made in USA

It was easy to install, even I did it in 5 minutes!

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