Jul 7, 2015

Quality teas by Culinary Teas


I just received samples of teas from Culinary teas. They are high quality, and really tasty.  I really loved good mood tea and cape cod iced tea. I was so sad when I finished drinking all. I wanted more so badly.

The best drink to feel good no matter what!   This house blend  loose leaf tea never fails to cheer us up.  It wakes you up and uplifts your mood.  The very special ingredient of our house blend is organic cacao nibs, which are peeled and broken cocoa beans, the raw material of chocolate. They contain a natural mood enhancer called theobromine and create the pleasant aftertaste of dark chocolate. Chocolate gives a wonderful sense of oneness with the universe, orange peels give sense of happiness and roasted mate gives full- bodied and smooth espresso-like flavor. Luxury black Sri Lanka tea and citrus notes of lemongrass round out the blend.Any gourmet will appreciate this elegant and delicious creation.


Very aromatic with a fruity & floral flavor, lovely hints of cherry and mandarins, this unique house blend will relax and comfort you at any moment.  All the ingredients are here to restore balance within the body and create a general feeling of well-being and relaxation. It is excellent as a last cup of tea for the day to relax and bring on a restful night of sleep.


Beaches, sunshine, sand in your toes.  Cape Cod Iced Tea makes us think of all of those things.  Smooth, with fruity tones, this tea is perfect for summer picnics.  Make a pitcher of it in a large infuser  and celebrate summer!


“Zing!” was what we first thought when we tasted our concoction.  The combination of premium Licorice and Mint clears the cobwebs, and allows us to focus.  We love the mouth feel afterwards.  It so bright and refreshing!


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