Sep 14, 2015

Andre Lorent Sports Sunscreen Lotion


-For Extreme Sporting Activities
-10% Zinc Oxide and Sundrsol7
-Water & Sweat Resistant
-Won't Sing Eyes
- For Sensitive Skin
-Non-Greasy. Easy to Apply
-Moisturizing. Anti-Aging.
-Hypoallergenic. Non-Comedogenic.
- NO Parabens. Paba-Free.
-NO Animal Testing

-It feels great on your skin and it stays on while you sweat like a mad man or woman!
-Sundrisol7 reverses the aging process of the skin while the high concentration of zinc oxide forms a protective barrier atop the skin and acts as a shield again harmful UV rays.
-Whether you're surfing, marathoning, playing tennis, biking, boarding or any other active sport or activity - know you're protected.
-Sweat for up to 80 minutes straight!
-It's hypoallergenic and doesn't have those nasty chemicals such as parabens and comedogens. Unlike other lotions and sprays, this doesn't sting your eyes if sweat happens to drip into them.

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