Sep 3, 2015

LA weekly burgers & beer 2015


The first time ever, LA weekly had Burgers & Beer event recently. As it says, it's all about beer and burgers and I mean it. If you love beer and burger, this is the perfect event to go to. And I suggest to bring Ziploc. No, seriously.. I had so many burgers I wanted to try but I was too full and I couldn't. One of the burger I really wish I tried were Vaka burger and seoul sausage. 

I thought they're gonna have sliders or small sample size but no, it wasn't. Some places serves sliders, but many places were serving full size regular burgers. I wish they had smaller portion so I can try more. Still, I think I ate around 15 burgers so I'm satisfied.

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CLICK HERE for Tastemade video

Thanks for modeling! He works at Cassell's in Koreatown.

Burger by Belcampo was my favorite of all.

The most popular burger by Animal

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