Nov 25, 2015

Private Party Restaurant - Monterey Park


Brand new hotpot place. They have 5 different flavors of soups. You get to choose 2 different types of soups for hotpot. We had house spicy pot and lamb soup pot. I personally liked lamb soup. Spicy soup was little too greasy for me, also it wasn't so spicy. We tried different types of fish balls, lobster balls, meats, seafood, etc and I enjoyed them all. The only thing is that the service needs to be improved. They put most of our orders to the next table, including all the meat, and veggies we ordered. I mean, we were all same group, sitting at long table, but since we ordered separately, I wish they didn't mixed up. Because of that, we didn't get some of the stuff we ordered.

CLICK HERE for Tastemade short video.

beef tripe


pork belly

fishballs and lobster balls

fishballs with roe

Some of yelpers with workers

Private Party Restaurant
111 N Atlantic Blvd Ste 349
Monterey Park, CA 91754

(626) 872-0599

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