Feb 8, 2016



No more pain from sticky tape or itchy skin!

TapeRelief creates a barrier between your sensitive skin and the adhesive of athletic and medical tape as well as any other bandage.  TapeRelief protects your skin without interfering with the performance of these products or their adhesive properties. Unlike gels & creams, which dissolve the glue creating a sticky mess & further irritation.

People Who Use Athletic Tape
 - Athletes
 - Hikers
 - Personal Trainers
 - Physical Therapists
 - Gymnasts
 - People with Sprained Ankles, knees, wrists etc

People Who Use Medical Tape
 - Doctors & Medical Centers
 - Post-Op Surgery Patients
 - People who are allergic to adhesives
 - People Who Just Got Out of Survery Who Require Wrapping Tape
 - People with Thin Skin Who Require Tape
 - Anyone who uses drainage or feeding tubes - (Tracheostomy, Ostomy, Colostomy patents etc.)

TapeRelief goes on as a lotion & dries immediately, leaving no residue so you can reapply the tape or bandage.
When you’re ready to remove the tape or bandage, just peal it off. TapeRelief will leave your skin supple & undamaged.  Without TapeRelief, people who use tape run the risk of the adhesive trapping moisture creating skin maceration, rashes and other irritations.  TapeRelief is the only product of its kind & has been developed using all natural ingredients. We have included Tea Tree Oil, an anti-bacterial agent, which protects the skin against infection & organic oatmeal for its soothing properties.

Kinesio Tape
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Athletic Tape

HOW TO USE: Before applying the TapeRelief, shake the tube well. Make sure your skin is dry & clean. Rub a very thin layer of TapeRelief over the area to be covered by tape or bandage & let TapeRelief dry thoroughly, then apply the tape or bandage which should adhere firmly. When you are ready to remove tape or bandage, peel off slowly. Reapply before each new application of tape or bandage.


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