Mar 2, 2016

Blackhead Remover and Comedone Extractor Tool Kit by Oak Leaf


I feel like I have everything I need for my skincare, but no, I actually didn't have these and I'm grad I received it. Not only for girls, but I think guys also should have it. Because I do get disappointed when I see a guy with blackhead.

A surgical grade set of blackhead extractors which is not only safe on your skin but also dead easy to use.

Oak Leaf Blackhead Remover Kit - The blackhead extractor is made with premium grade stainless steel, includes 5 Double Looped Tools which easily take on any size blemish; The handles are textured for just the perfect grip during use.

The blackhead removers are surgical grade, which means they are the same quality as those tested, trusted and recommended by professional dermatologists and Estheticians for safe skin procedures.

The kit comes in a fancy leather zipper bag for compact during storage and travel. You can take it in your bag with your makeup kit to quickly deal with blemishes while freshening up.

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