Mar 23, 2016

Chef approved - RollerMaster Rolling Pin


The chef approved rolling pin. The best part is it's nonstick!

Non-stick stainless steel - never get frustrated by dough sticking again.
Hygienic & sanitary - non-porous surface prevents cross contamination.
Durable construction - smooth and fluid rolling that will last many years.
- Easy on your wrists - handle bars prevent unnecessary pressure.
Zero maintenance - Dishwasher safe, will not crack, will not break, will not scratch.

RollerMaster has Chef Approved size, shape, and design. The hollow core and nimble construction will NOT squish your masterpiece, while the easy-to-use handle adds comfort and leverage when you really need to work the dough.

The perfect rolling pin adapts to your diverse baking needs. You can chill RollerMaster in the freezer, or warm it up with hot water depending on the recipe.

Length of roller (excluding handles) is 25cm.

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