Mar 31, 2016

Elegant Cheese Slicer / Chocolate Truffle Shaver


I always wanted chocolate shaver. Well, it's really cheese slicer but you can use it to shave chocolate, vegetables and more. But anyway, I use it to shave chocolate.

-Highest quality Italian made stainless steel, able to cut through cheeses and chocolates with little to no effort. It will not absorb flavors when slicing and shaving truffles or cheese.

-Features an adjustable blade so you can control the thickness of your chocolate and cheese slices. The razor sharp serrated blade adjusts from paper-thin to .13 inches, perfect for ingredients and garnishes.

-Creates attractive slices for cheese trays, antipasti, sandwiches and more. Ideal for all common semi-hard cheeses. Also use it as a garlic slicer, a chocolate truffle shaver and so much more!

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