Mar 17, 2016

Joyal Beauty - Organic 100% Pure Rosewater


Amazing rose fragrance on my face! I love this rosewater toner.

This luxurious 100% pure rosewater is steam distilled from Rosa Damascena, which is recognized as a unique type of rose with different properties from roses cultivated elsewhere and is widely considered as the finest in the world.

The Rose Valley in Bulgaria is the best area that provides just the right conditions to grow this incredible rose. The blossoms are collected by hand. Rose oil comes in two main types, Rose Absolute and Rose Otto. Rose Absolute is produced by solvent extraction. Rose Otto Hydrosol is more pure and provides more benefits to skin compared with Rose Absolute. What distinguishes Rose Absolute from Rose Otto is that Rose Absolute is not considered to be a “true” essential oil as it has undergone a chemical extraction process and therefore is an “absolute”; Rose Otto is an essential oil as it has been extracted through steam distillation. The trace amounts of chemical residue may be found in Rose Absolute which can lead to increased chance of skin irritation. A rose blossom contains only about 0.02% essential oil. Solvent extraction gives a greater yield than distillation which is why Rose Absolute is less expensive than Rose essential oil.  Rose Absolute has a stronger, richer aroma. Rose Bulgaria essential oil is lighter in color and has a softer more refined aroma.
Rosewater is basically a by-product of rose oil through distillation of pure fresh rose petals. Rosewater possesses the sweet, delicate scent of the roses from which it is made. It is a natural mild antiseptic and is recommended for acne and skin irritation, for nourishing and hydrating the skin and face, and for nourishing the body after a shower or bath. Rosewater can be used on its own as a soothing toner and cleanser or combined with other ingredients.
The 100% pure Bulgarian Rose Otto Hydrosol is widely considered as the best rosewater in the world.

100% Natural 100% Pure! Rose Otto Hydrosol

After cleansing, spray on face and neck. Follow with Joyal Beauty serum and moisturizer. This silky liquid spray can be misted anytime for a boost of soothing hydration, resulting in dewy, luminous skin. Spray on hair to enhance and nourish hair.

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