Jul 20, 2016

KAFFE Vitamin C Concentrated Serum


KAFFÉ Cometics - all the products infused with organic KONA coffee that we grow in Hawaii. KAFFÉ COSMETICS Kaffé products bring the rich flavors of Kona coffee and the magic of Haulalai’s and Muana Loa’s volcanic soil to a luxurious line of our cosmetic products.

KAFFE Vitamin C Concentrated Serum receive visible, skin-perfecting results. A truly platinum standard in age-defying technology. The newly developed coffee-infused formula, suspended in a colloidal gel, will help to improve wrinkles, diminish pores, and improve skin texture.
A few drops daily will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and large pores, prevent moisture loss, and protect skin from free-radical damage.
Coffee infused with Organic Argon oil brightens skin tone and lucidity in just weeks of application.




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