Sep 22, 2016

Darjeeling and Earl Grey Jasmine Loose Leaf green tea


I just received those great teas by Teaveli. They are fresh and smells great. And they are both really delicious.

Smooth, flowery with a slight hint of astringency, The Teaveli First Flush Darjeeling tea is an absolute delight. Reminiscent of nuts and berries combined with slight grassiness, the tea boasts of a complex yet typical spring Darjeeling profile. Bright and intensely fragrant, an excellent addition to your collection.


Teaveli Early Grey Jasmine Green Tea is a unique signature blend of premium green tea with fragrant jasmine flowers & citrusy bergamot extracts. An exclusive blend, the tea is sisually appealing and intensely aromatic with fresh jasmine blossoms. This expertly curated tea is supremely delicious and healthy packed with antioxidants, helping relax and reduce stress.

Earl Grey Jasmine

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