Feb 20, 2017

Kicao - Cacao Energy Bar


Kicao cacao energy bars offer all the health benefits of pure cacao with no added sweeteners, just fruits and nuts. Proven health benefits of cacao include improved cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure and cholesterol , improved mood and mental acuity, good source of antioxidants and minerals.

Each bar is made with just 3 simple ingredients and are naturally free from gluten, soy and dairy.

Kicao cacao energy bars are on sale in Natural Grocers stores across the US (http://naturalgrocers.com) and also online direct from the producer in Mexico (http://kicao.com).

It's so thin, and yummy. It's perfect energy bar to eat before I go to the gym in the morning. I read before, eating chocolate in the morning helps lose weight.



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