Mar 16, 2017

DTLA ramen - Downtown


I was here during soft opening, and all their ramen were free. DTLA ramen was absolutely delicious, and my favorite is shoyu ramen. If I wanna eat shoyu ramen, I'd come here. Yuzu potato salad was also delicious. I believe it's either the same chef or the owner with Benten ramen.

Free Green tea and Rooibos tea

Yuzu potato salad $5
potato, kurobuta sausage, egg, lotus root chip, mayonnaise, chili oil, yuzu pepper
Spicy miso ramen $10
Pork broth, chashu belly, green onion, cabbage, bean sprouts, shredded chili, egg
Stone pot Tsukemen $10
Concentrated pork broth, shredded pork, green onion, seaweed, bamboo shoots, egg
Shoyu ramen $10
Chicken broth, chashu shoulder, green onion, seaweed, bamboo shoots, kaiware, egg

DTLA ramen
954 S Broadway,
Los Angeles, CA 90015

(213) 265-7641

Sunday 11:30AM–10PM

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