Jan 12, 2007

MGM - studio cafe 2


Studio Cafe at MGM in Oct, 2006. Everytime we eat here, everytime we have bad service.
We ate here 3 times on this trip.

Day1 - 1am:
We sat down, ordered food. 30 minutes no food, no waiter, no refill. Finally we ordered refill, wait 5 minutes, got refill. We got quesadilla and ham. Eat. Then ask for the check, 15 minutes later waiter came back. Everytime the waiter came to our table, he said "Sorry for the wait!"

Chicken Quesadilla $10.79

Ham $4.99

Same day - 4pm:
Philly cheese steak $13.59

Surf & Turf $45.99

Day 2 - 1am:
We wanted to eat some dessert, I really wanted assorted sorbet.
But, of course, always something problem here.

This is the menu for assorted ice creams and sorbets.
It says: in almond nougatine cup. When I ordered this before, I got in a almond nougatine cup with ice cream and sorbets, also berries, just like picture.
When we were here this time, it wasn't in a almond cup, no berries, and they didn't ask me the choices of ice cream or sorbet so I thought I have no choice to choose. I also thought I'm gonna get ice cream AND sorbet, just like the menu says and just like I got before.

And our waitress brought this ice cream. All ice cream. Same ice cream on banana split.
We asked if I could get this ice cream AND sorbet, the waitress said "No, you have to choose ice cream OR sorbet". Well, I didn't want ice cream at all and she brought this without asking me the choice, so I asked to change this to sorbet.

Then they brought this. Same sorbet at Grand Wok, not in a almond cup, and it's different from what I see on menu or what I got before. I wasn't happy at all.

Banana Split martini $6.99

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