Jan 2, 2007

Mirage - Stack


Stack at Mirage. Food here was so good. I can't believe everything we ate here was delicious!! Appetizers arrived VERY fast. I'd go back here again.

free bread


Scott's Screamer $18 (Tuna, sesame ponzu, daikon) Delicious
(my husband said he not gonna eat this but once he started, didn't stop)


Pigs in a Blanket $12
I think they use Japanese sausage. It's good

Hot Rocks

Hot Rocks $17 (Thinly sliced sirloin)
You cook this on rock about 5 sec, each side. You have to try this. It was REALLY good. And fun!

Crab Cakes $17 (Louis Sauce)
small, cute, delicious



Seabass $35 (Lobster Risotto, Shellfish broth)
My husband really liked the broth!

Lobster $42 (1 1/4 lb, Artichokes, Potato Puree)
I loved it

Cherry Creme Brulee $8
My first time "Cherry" creme brulee, delicious

Jelly Doughnut "Munchkin" Holes $8

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